Improving Your Farmland Through Grass!


Pasture and Rangeland Improvement Starts Here.

The right plants can make all the difference in improving the complex soils and landscapes we call pastureland. Scientists have identified more than 11,000 different species of the grass family, with more than 2,000 unique to North America. How to make sense of it all?

Warner Brothers Seed Company can help. We’re dedicated producers and processors of the most important native and nonnative grass seeds for our area. We can also help with erosion abatement and control, as well as re-vegetation and drought resistance pasture blends. Visit us online to find out more.

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Managing Your Pasture


Sustain Your Pasture during Drought

For a horse or cattle owner, a prolonged dry spell can be your worst nightmare. Drought makes pasture plants more sensitive to the effects of overgrazing and trampling hooves besides limiting a pasture’s forage output. Lack of rain can also lead to an increase of weeds that compete with desired grasses, which some may be toxic to animals.

Pasture plants’ root systems are key to helping the pasture survive stress from drought and grazing and are also essential for erosion control and soil stability. Root growth depends on photosynthesis; if your pasture grasses are clipped too heavily by grazing animals then it is going to take longer to recover from dry weather. Try to avoid overgrazing and when the rains do return, resist the temptation to graze the drought-impacted plants until a full recovery is present.

Even after it rains and plants green up, the pasture needs some time for the roots to recover and if you graze too soon you will prolong the recovery period or even make recovery impossible. Warner Brothers Seed Company is dedicated to providing quality planting seed for pasture improvement. For more information visit our website or call 800-467-7250.

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Being Environmentally Conscious- Watering Efficiently


Avoid Water Waste

The easiest way to waste water is by watering too often. Not only is overwatering bad for the environment but it can negatively affect the growth of your grass. Here are some tips to help you water your landscape more efficiently.

The ideal times to water your grass is before 10 am or after 6 pm. This is because the temperature is cooler so the chance of quick evaporation is lowered.

It is also recommended to water your landscape twice a week. Watering thoroughly twice a week can help roots grow deeper making them drought tolerant.

Watering about an inch of water per week, or a little more during especially hot seasons, is more than sufficient.

Grass Seed for Sale

At Warner Brothers Seed Company, we provide quality planting seeds for pasture or rangeland. We also offer low maintenance grass perfect for your golf course. For more information about our seeds, visit us online or contact us at (800)467-7250.



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Pulling Weeds- What Your Grass is Telling You


Signs of Improper Lawn Maintenance

Much like your body shows signs that it lacking in certain vitamins or even hungry, your lawn also exhibits signs in its own way. Regular mowing and watering is not enough when it comes to having a healthy lawn.

Weeds can be a sign of lawn mistakes, if you have dandelions, you’re not giving your lawn enough irrigation. Clover can be a sign of not enough fertilizer while crab grass means you are cutting your lawn much too short.

Be sure to give your grass enough water, fertilize in the fall, and never cut more than a third off your grass.

Grass Seeds for Sale

Healthy grass is especially important when it is a source of food for your livestock. At Warner Brothers Seed Company, we sell high quality seeds for pasture and rangeland to ensure your livestock us getting the best food possible. Order yours online.


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Benefits of Using a Custom Seed Blend for Your Land


Custom Seed Blend

Many grasses are suited for grazing whereas others are strong enough for hay production and intense management. When your land needs an all-in-one variety, creating a custom blend is the way to achieve that. The benefits of a mixture is that one species offers its adaptation to the other, making it a more well-rounded plant. This will often extend the grazing season because each species varies when it comes to lush growth and dormancy. The blend is more appealing to livestock who prefer a varied diet.

Grass Seeds for Sale

At Warner Brothers Seed Company, we offer custom blends for your forage, revegetation, and conservation needs. For more information about blends, contact us at (800)467-7250.

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Attracting Game Birds for Your Hunting Season


Hunting Season

You might be preparing for open season by preparing your guns and group outings. In order to guarantee a successful bird hunting season is by taking the time to prep the land. Here is how you can go about that.

Attracting Hunting Birds

Birds require three basic things out of land; food, water, and space. You can lay out grains or plant seeds, such as Partridge Pea Seeds, which birds love to eat. Land located near a body of water would be ideal, but you can also plant fountains or plants which hold water for the birds. Coupled with a few acres of land and you are all set to go bird hunting.

Bird Attracting Plants

Warner Brothers Seed Company sells many varieties of seeds that will attract hunting birds to your land. Peruse our sight to find the seed that is right for you or contact us at (800)467-7250 if you have any questions. Happy hunting!

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Properly Caring for Your Pasture Grass


Pasture Grass

Each pasture vary, but there are a few basic methods that can be adhered to most. Here are the tips you will need to ensure your grass thrives no matter where you are.

Basic Pasture Management

  1. Soil- Properly treating your soil is the first step in ensuring that everything you plant grows and grows well. Adding lime and fertilizer to your soil will achieve that you have healthy soil. Take a soil test so that you know how much lime will need to be added.
  2. Fertilizer- When fertilizing your grass it’s important it is done so as uniformly as possible. Use chain link or harrow for even application.
  3. Weed Control- Weeds are a nuisance that reduce the production of your pasture and potentially harm your livestock. Try clipping them as soon as you detect them or spraying a weed killer.

Grass seeds for sale

If you’re looking for seeds for your pasture, order yours from Warner Brothers Seed Company. From Native to Improved grasses, WB Seed Company has the grass you’ll need no matter where you are in the country. For more information, call toll free at (800)467-7250.

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