3Eragrostis trichodes also known as Sand Lovegrass is one of the many top quality products that Warner Bros. Seed Company produces. The reason we call eragrostis trichodes is called Sand Lovegrass is because eragrostis trichodes loves sandy soils. They will grow also grow in heavy soils. They can be seeded alone or it can complete mixture. For example they can be partnered with bluestems and grama grasses. Sand Lovegrass is native in Southern Plains, Central Grate Plains, and the southern part of the Northern Great Plains. Sand Lovegrass starts to grow two weeks earlier than other warm season grasses. It cures well, thus producing high quality hay for all classes of livestock. Mature Sand Lovegrass plants have a reddish-brown color, making it a grass sometimes selected for landscaping. Sand Lovegrass demonstrates good drought, poor salt, and poor high water tolerances and because of it’s high palatability Sand Lovegrass frequently suffers from overuse.

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