Best Grass for Your Livestock Needs



Those not in the agricultural business view grass as a decorative element to buildings, but those in the know use grass to feed their livestock or to attract wildlife. These are some of the best type of grass to suit your farming requirements.


Kleingrass is a warm-season grass that grows in bunches and found mainly in the southwestern part of the United States. This particular grass is great for attracting game birds and makes quality hay, so if you have gamebirds or want to attract gamebirds for hunting, then Kleingrass would fit your needs.


If you find that you have a soil that is giving you difficulty to grow grass, Switch grass is the he type of grass that can grow in most soils. Switchgrass is also an exceptional grass for livestock to pasture in and makes excellent hay.


Recommended for seeding on range sites and has adapted throughout the United States, Indiangrass can grow in heavy clay or coarse sand soils. It offers forage for livestock and wildlife and a good cover for deer and gamebirds.

Western Wheatgrass

A cool season grass, Western Wheatgrass is a good drought and salt tolerance grass. Wheatgrass is great for early season foraging for livestock.


For more information on the best grass for your livestock, visit Warner Brothers Seed Company. From grass to legumes, they provide quality seeds that aid in your plant needs. Contact them at 1(800)467-7250 or email them here.



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