Switchgrass is the new energy crop


Switch grass

A vigorous bunchgrass that grows throughout most of the United States, Switch grass is a hearty grass with many uses. Not only is it wonderful for forage and hay for livestock, it is now being used as fuel.

Ethanol and Biodiesel

Being a plant that has a high potential for use as a biofuel since it is a grass that can grow under many conditions. Switch grass yields over 1,000 gallons per acre, more than 3 times the yield of corn. Biodiesel is great for the environment and is extremely efficient as it creates 3.5 units of energy for every unit of fuel that is required to produce it.

Switch grass seed

To purchase your Switch grass seed, place your order with Warner Brothers Seed Company. For more information, call WB Seed Co toll free at (800)467-7250.

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