Pulling Weeds- What Your Grass is Telling You


Signs of Improper Lawn Maintenance

Much like your body shows signs that it lacking in certain vitamins or even hungry, your lawn also exhibits signs in its own way. Regular mowing and watering is not enough when it comes to having a healthy lawn.

Weeds can be a sign of lawn mistakes, if you have dandelions, you’re not giving your lawn enough irrigation. Clover can be a sign of not enough fertilizer while crab grass means you are cutting your lawn much too short.

Be sure to give your grass enough water, fertilize in the fall, and never cut more than a third off your grass.

Grass Seeds for Sale

Healthy grass is especially important when it is a source of food for your livestock. At Warner Brothers Seed Company, we sell high quality seeds for pasture and rangeland to ensure your livestock us getting the best food possible. Order yours online.


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