Managing Your Pasture


Sustain Your Pasture during Drought

For a horse or cattle owner, a prolonged dry spell can be your worst nightmare. Drought makes pasture plants more sensitive to the effects of overgrazing and trampling hooves besides limiting a pasture’s forage output. Lack of rain can also lead to an increase of weeds that compete with desired grasses, which some may be toxic to animals.

Pasture plants’ root systems are key to helping the pasture survive stress from drought and grazing and are also essential for erosion control and soil stability. Root growth depends on photosynthesis; if your pasture grasses are clipped too heavily by grazing animals then it is going to take longer to recover from dry weather. Try to avoid overgrazing and when the rains do return, resist the temptation to graze the drought-impacted plants until a full recovery is present.

Even after it rains and plants green up, the pasture needs some time for the roots to recover and if you graze too soon you will prolong the recovery period or even make recovery impossible. Warner Brothers Seed Company is dedicated to providing quality planting seed for pasture improvement. For more information visit our website or call 800-467-7250.

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