B Dahl Bluestem Hay for Sale

B Dahl Bluestem Hay

WW B. Dahl Bluestem is a introduced warm-season grass that is best adapted to areas receiving from 15 to 35 inches of average rainfall. Soil PH range 5.5 – 8.0. It is very productive considering the input cost compared to other permanent pastures.

B Dahl Bluestem Hay & Seed for Sale, Delivery Available

Call (800)467-7250 Lawton and Frederick, OK

Stand Establishment

Old World bluestems: (B Dahl, Ironmaster, Spar, and Plains Bluestem) are best adapted to well drained sites of loam, clay-loam, clay, and sandy-loam soils. Stand establishment on sandy soil is more risky, but usually can be obtained. Seeding should be on a firm seedbed, planting at shallow depths (1/4” or less). Seeding rates of 3 to 5 pure live seed (pls) pounds per acre of Old World Bluestems (OWB) plus 1 pls pound of Green Sprangletop are generally recommended. The best results have been obtained when seeding was done with a drill specifically designed to handle “fluffy” grass seeds. Seedbed should be very firm, smooth, and weed free. It is necessary in some regions, such as; western Texas to seed into dead litter residues like wheat stubble remaining from the previous year’s crop to avoid bare ground in effort to eliminate soil erosion. For more information, pictures and a brochure, click the website below.


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